Stafford Creek ends lockdown after a series of fights

Stafford Creek Corrections Center has begun the process of ending a lockdown that was put in place after a series of fights occurred there on the evening of Thursday, Feb. 20. The investigation as to what caused the series of violent incidents is still ongoing, according to the prison.

The prison has restored inmates’ access to telephones and the prison’s day rooms — where inmates are able to “mingle” with other inmates outside of their individual cells and where the first incident of violence occurred, according to Sheri Izatt, the prison’s Public Information Officer. However, all visiting and volunteer programs are still canceled until further notice.

A total of 21 offenders took part in four separate multi-offender fights — the first of which occurred around 4:30 p.m. Thursday in the day room of one of the facility’s medium-custody units.

Three other multi-offender fights occurred, one in the same area, another in a medium-custody unit and another in a minimum-custody unit. One offender is being treated for non life-threatening injuries at a local hospital and no staff members were injured. One homemade weapon was recovered at the scene of the first fight, according to a report from the prison.

Prison administrators placed the facility on lockdown immediately following the fights. The offenders involved were placed in a segregation unit where they are being interviewed by staff investigators.

Stafford Creek Corrections Center houses about 2,000 offenders in minimum, medium and maximum-custody units.


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