Stafford Creek inmate charged with harassment

An inmate at Stafford Creek Corrections Center with an upcoming release date is facing new charges over allegedly threatening staff there.

Gabriel A. Eckard, 35, pleaded not guilty Monday in Grays Harbor Superior Court to three counts of felony harassment and one count of persistent prison misbehavior.

Eckard allegedly told a female corrections officer on Nov. 2 “he was going to meet her in the parking lot and strangle her with her microphone cord” after his release, according to court documents.

On Nov. 13, he allegedly told a nurse he would kill her. Nov. 14, he allegedly told a dental assistant, “I’m going to kill you with an AR-15. I’m going to shoot you in the head,” court documents state. He also allegedly shouted about the woods around the parking lot being an ideal place to hide and shoot Department of Corrections employees.

Dec. 14, a “Kill list” was found in his cell, including the name of the corrections officer he had threatened and another officer.

During his incarceration, Eckard has incurred 44 serious infractions and 69 rule violations.

If his sentence expires before the harrassment charges are resolved, Deputy Prosecutor Jason Walker said Eckard would continue to be housed at the prison rather than the Grays Harbor County Jail, but under the authority of the Grays Harbor County Sheriff’s Office.


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