Terminal 3 closed after barge accident

A mishap with a chip barge Jan. 23 damaged Terminal 3 at the Port of Grays Harbor has closed the terminal pending repairs.

Amix Heavy Lift, a towing and barge company out of Vancouver, B.C., was leading a barge laden with chips from Willis Enterprises when the barge strayed too close to the terminal and damaged the wooden fenders and the steel piles where ships tie off.

“When the barge was towed away from the dock, it caused extensive damage to the fender and piling system,” Contract Administrator Mike Johnson said.

Deputy Director Leonard Barnes explained the fenders are essentially there to protect the concrete of the terminal, which they did in this case. The concrete suffered only minor cracks, and will be repaired along with the steel piles at a later time.

Until the fenders are replaced, however, barges will not be able to use the terminal. Port Commissioners on Tuesday awarded an emergency contract to Quigg Bros. to perform repairs, expected to be completed this week.

Barnes said Amix had been easy to work with and has already agreed to cover the cost of all repairs. Johnson said it was the tug captain’s first trip to the Port. Cost estimates are expected later this week.


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