Two men arrested in U-Haul burglary

Two men were arrested near Brady after allegedly loading stolen tools from a workshop into a U-Haul Wednesday afternoon, according to the Grays Harbor County Sheriff’s office.

Deputies responded to the scene at about 3:40 p.m. after the shop owner reported that the suspects, a 37-year-old Olympia man and a 33-year-old Lacey man, were loading his tools into the vehicle. The owner confronted the suspects, who remained at the scene until deputies arrived.

While searching the U-Haul, deputies found several tools and some illegal narcotics.

The Lacey man claimed an acquaintance told him the shop was abandoned and it would be alright for him to retrieve the tools. The man wouldn’t name the acquaintance. The Lacey man’s grandfather had leased the U-Haul but wasn’t aware that his grandson was using it for criminal activity.

The suspects were transported to the Grays Harbor County Jail.


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