Unique, sleek yacht takes on fuel at Westport Marina

An unusual vessel visited the Westport Marina recently for a fuel stop on its way down the coast, reportedly heading for South America. Those who saw it a moorage were abuzz with comments and questions about the craft’s unusual design and just exactly what its seagoing purpose is.

It turns out that the vessel is a WallyPower 85M yacht produced by Wally Yachts, a maritime design and manufacturing company based in Monte Carlo, Monaco. Italian businessman Luca Bassan founded the company in 1994 as primarily a sailboat design firm. About a decade ago, the company branched out to include designing cutting-edge motor yachts, with some that can fly across the water at speeds up to 60 mph.

With its low-line minimalist superstructure and dark exterior, the WallyPower 85M has been variably described by yachting industry experts as both sleek and sinister appearing.

Selling at around $30 million, this isn’t your ‘everyday’ yacht, even for the mega-rich.

Selling points

According to the company’s website, “The WallyPower 85 concept combines design and function to create a motor yacht with a vertical bow for maximizing performance and comfort for guests, regardless of sea conditions. Key to the concept’s design are panoramic views and transparent viewpoints.

With a higher hull and lower superstructure, WallyPower 85 offers better protection and increased interior volumes that also result in a sleeker profile. This unique hull form also allows for wider decks than those normally seen on yachts in the same length range, but her performance remains high, thanks to her beam at the waterline.”

Construction materials

The WallyPower 85M has a steel hull with an aluminum superstructure. Powered by two 2760 HP Caterpillar 3606 diesels, the WallyPower 85 has an estimated top speed of 18 knots and a cruising speed of 16 knots.

Sleek decks

The decks are all teak and totally sleek, with enclosed areas that stow seating and other gear used when in port. the Wally design includes the hiding of the antennas, SatComs and all the other devices of radio-communications that are aesthetically unpleasing. One cabin is dedicated to these systems facilitating the maintenance and limiting the possibility of damage during navigation.

360 view from loft-like interior

What appear to be gray walls above-deck are actually laminated glass with carbon frames that afford a perfect 360-degree view from the interior of the yacht, which is one large open space from the galley at the stern, through the salon and forward to the bridge.

The interior styling has been likened to a minimalistic New York loft.

Skylights bring in natural light below decks where sleeping quarters accommodate up to 20 guests in two VIP cabins and eight guest cabins.

118M a mile-a-minute

The WallyPower 85M’s big brother, the WallyPower 118M, boasts the same two diesel engines for in-port navigation, but also boasts three jet turbines that operate at a top speed of up to 70 knots using steerable jets that throw out 10 tons of water each second at full-bore operation. Think jet ski on steroids…

Go to: www.youtube.com/watch?v=BeSzsNatGZ0 for a video on the WallyPower 118M.


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