Weapon displayed at Westport Winery

Grays Harbor County Sheriff’s deputies were called to the Westport Winery Sunday for a report of disorderly conduct that ended with a weapon being drawn.

Chief Criminal Deputy Steve Shumate said deputies responded at about 3:30 p.m. Sunday to a call from Blain and Kim Roberts, owners of the Westport Winery, reporting that a man was urinating behind a dumpster, that another person was using a hose and possibly using their Dumpster.

Derek Johnson of Rochester and his son, Drew Johnson of Tumwater were passing by the winery after clam digging when Drew Johnson’s girlfriend, Rickie Lehto, asked to stop at the winery to buy wine. Accounts of exactly what happened differ, but seem to stem from Drew Johnson urinating on the winery property.

“(Blain Roberts) displays a firearm and he tells them to wait for the police. Our dispatcher appropriately tells him to put the firearm away,” Shumate said.

Blain Roberts did so, and the truck drove away. Deputies located the trio in the truck near Cosmopolis.

“They weren’t even going to call us. They ultimately gave a statement but at that time did not have any desire to pursue charges,” Shumate said.

Blain Roberts has a current license to carry a firearm, Shumate said. Roberts served as a Spokane County Sheriff’s Office reserve deputy from 1999 to 2006.

The Roberts declined to pursue charges, only asking the group be trespassed from their property.

Derek Johnson said he didn’t call police because “at the time, I just thought it was totally silly.”

Since then, he said he is considering asking to pursue assault charges. A photo of Roberts holding a gun in front of the truck began circulating on social media Monday.

“We are a local family business and our top priority is always the safety and comfort of our employees and customers,” Kim Roberts said in a prepared statement. She described the group as “trespassers” vandalizing their property.

“We requested the trespassers stop their offensive actions and asked them to wait until police arrived. In response, the trespassers attempted to run the owner over with their vehicle and flee the scene. Fearing for his life, the owner raised his firearm in defense. Police later stopped the trespassers outside of Cosmopolis. Hoping to avoid escalation of this incident, Westport Winery has decided not to press charges.”

The police investigation is still under way. Even if the parties decide they don’t want to pursue charges, the decision will ultimately rest with prosecutors after the police report is completed.


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