Winning guess in Hoquiam Rain Derby came mighty close

The winner of the Hoquiam Lions Club’s 68th annual Rain Derby missed the 2013 precipitation totals by only .32 inches.

Caine Carr, a senior at North Beach High School, held the winning rainfall guess of 36.50 inches, including a guess for the month of December of 6.50 inches. The total rainfall for the year, with a measurement taken at 9 p.m. on Dec. 31, at the Hoquiam Wastewater Treatment Plant, was 36.82 inches. Total rainfall in December reached only 2.86 inches.

The year’s precipitation totals came in quite a bit lower than last year’s which totaled 62.38 inches as of their final reading on Dec. 31, 2012. A total of 10. 38 inches was the recorded total for the month of December last year.

Carr won $,1000 for his guess, and another $200 for a separate guess of 37.20 inches for the year and 7.20 inches for December. That guess tied with Karin Goheen of Tumwater (annual, 36.45, December total, 6.13) Michelle Swain (annual, 37.20, December total 2.40) and Don Fiene of Hoquiam, (annual, 36.40, December total, 4.90). Each of those participants also received $200 awards for their guesses.

Participants could buy tickets, or guesses, as many times as they choose to. The cutoff for guessing precipitation amounts for the year or for the month of December was Oct. 31, 2013. For more information visit


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