Work on new pedestrian lighting begun on Chehalis Bridge

Work has begun on the installation of pedestrian lighting on the Chehalis River Bridge — on the upstream side anyway.

“Hoping to have them lit up by Independence Day,” said Public Works Director Malcolm Bowie.

The low bid was awarded for $327,343 and the total cost of the work depends on how much is spent since t is a deductive type of low bid, Bowie said. The bid may not stretch to cover the downstream side of the bridge, city sources said.

The Chehalis River Bridge has been without major lights for several years. One light pole toppled in a fierce storm.

The new lights will be visible, but placed down lower near the handrails since they are to help pedestrians see. The lighting is being installed for safety as well as aesthetic reasons.

The lighting is LED style which is brighter and less costly to run.


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