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School levies passing throughout county

School levies from around the county were passing Tuesday night after initial ballots were tallied by the Grays Harbor Auditor’s Office, with the closest race being in Oakville, where the district’s levy was only passing by one vote.

Erosion watch continues at Westport by the Sea condominium complex

Homeowners at the Westport by the Sea condominium development, at the foot of W. Ocean Avenue in Westport, are continuing to watch the shoreline erode in front of their properties. Storm activity and extreme high tides this fall and winter have taken more than than 30 feet of frontage thus far. This past week offered a bit of a reprieve, however, with a slower rate of bankline crumbling to the beach below the now-nearly seven-foot drop.

Stakeholders hash out ideas in flood plan forum

A forum with officials and community leaders from around Grays Harbor Tuesday explored aspects of a large-scale flood mitigation project for Aberdeen and Hoquiam that leaders say could eventually lead to benefits such as increased property value, economic investment in the area, aesthetic improvements along the water and reduction in flood insurance payments.