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Tough budget choices ahead for county

The Grays Harbor County commissioners will be faced with some difficult budget decisions in the next few months as they deal with lower revenue projections for 2015 and ever-increasing expenditures, largely because of decisions made giving nearly every county employee a raise, paying for higher rates to special funds and recent hirings.

New Oxford Houses need residents

Two new clean and sober cooperative homes, known as Oxford Houses, are being established on Grays Harbor. One is for women and children and the other is for men, Bruce Spear, chapter chairman in Bremerton told the Aberdeen City Council recently.

City renews pot moratoriums for additional six months

At the regularly scheduled Westport City Council meeting held Monday, Sept. 8, Council members unanimously renewed two “declared public emergency” ordinances that will extend the City’s two moratoriums on medical marijuana businesses, as well as on medical marijuana collective gardens, for another six months. Ordinances No. 1553 and 1554, passed on March 10, will now remain in full force and effect until March 10, 2015.

Auditor issues two findings to county

The State Auditor’s Office issued two findings Monday related to the way the county handles and reports grant funds. However, despite publicity over the issues in the Assessor’s Office, there was nary a word made about that during an exit interview with Auditor officials last week.

Traffic jam? What traffic jam?

The mother of all traffic jams never materialized on Interstate 5 through Olympia this past weekend, thanks to motorists heeding warnings about potential traffic tieups, which allowed road crews to complete preliminary work and reopen northbound Interstate-5 much earlier than expected, according to the state Department of Transportation.

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