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Mayor’s veto of marijuana production and sales ban ordinance upheld

Twenty individuals attended a public hearing at the Monday, Sept, 28, Westport City Council meeting to listen to and/or offer comments regarding a possible third extension the City’s current moratorium against the permitting of Medical Marijuana Collective Gardens and the licensing, permitting and operation of marijuana processing, marijuana producing, and marijuana retailing businesses inside the City of Westport.

Transition classes available at GHC

Classes at Grays Harbor College have started for Fall Quarter and although some classes are full, there is still an opportunity to enroll in classes if you want to brush-up on your Math, Reading and English skills before Winter Quarter.

Hoquiam police chase prompts YMCA lockdown

The Hoquiam Police Department has one man in custody after a chase ensued when officers responded to a stolen vehicle report on Wednesday afternoon, Chief Jeff Myers said. The man suffered a cut on his elbow and was initially taken to Grays Harbor Community Hospital, the chief said.

Hoquiam finalizes crude oil ban

The Hoquiam City Council unanimously passed an ordinance banning any crude oil storage facilities for the foreseeable future — a move that’s caused mixed reactions from both sides of the issue, but for some marks the end to a chapter of a Harbor-wide debate.