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Updated FEMA rules confusing to many

Officials from the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s National Flood Insurance Program came to Aberdeen Tuesday to explain how a new law passed in March could reform the 2012 act that unleashed a tsunami of anger nationwide when rates for many policyholders skyrocketed.

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Looking Back — At the docks

Activities at the Harbor Dock at the foot of F Street in Aberdeen was taken about 1910. The ship in the foreground is unloading trunks, which are being loaded up into a city transfer wagon. Cargo ships often took passengers and this one was probably arriving from San Francisco. It’s moored in the Chehalis River while the two ships and tug in the middle of the photo are docked along the Wishkah. The mill in the background is likely the Wilson Brothers Mill. That area today is the site of the Walmart expansion. If you have any information on this photo or others from this feature, visit and submit it via the websites feedback form.