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Auditor issues two findings to county

The State Auditor’s Office issued two findings Monday related to the way the county handles and reports grant funds. However, despite publicity over the issues in the Assessor’s Office, there was nary a word made about that during an exit interview with Auditor officials last week.

Traffic jam? What traffic jam?

The mother of all traffic jams never materialized on Interstate 5 through Olympia this past weekend, thanks to motorists heeding warnings about potential traffic tieups, which allowed road crews to complete preliminary work and reopen northbound Interstate-5 much earlier than expected, according to the state Department of Transportation.

Councilman plans anti-crude-by-rail resolution

Aberdeen Councilman Alan Richrod has penned a pointed resolution asking the Port of Grays Harbor and the City of Hoquiam to reconsider, possibly rescind and deny further permission to ship crude oil by rail through the county, and plans to put it before his fellow council members.

How they voted in D.C. 9/13

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Senate Republicans last week blocked a Democrat-led effort to amend the Constitution to allow Congress to limit how much outside groups can spend on political campaigns.

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