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Westport City Administrator accepts position with Port of Grays Harbor

Longtime Westport City Administrator, Randy Lewis, informed Mayor Michael Bruce late last week that he has accepted a position with the Port of Grays Harbor’s senior management team as its new Director of Environmental and Engineering Services. Lewis replaces Marc Horton, who retired at the end of December after holding the position since April, 2011.

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Nothing New — Opium-eaters: Narcotic tales of woe

Drug addiction on the Harbor is a major problem, but the abuse of narcotics is nothing new for our area. In the late 1890s, opium was a common ingredient in patent medicines, and the use of laudanum and morphine was widespread among all classes of society. Opium and cocaine was more or less available over the counter until the passage of the Harrison Narcotics Tax Act of 1914 regulating the procurement and pharmacological distribution of medicinal narcotics. Grays Harbor was also one of the many ports along the Pacific Coast that struggled with rampant smuggling of Chinese opium. Today, narcotics are still an issue on the Harbor, the only difference being that “tweakers” have supplanted the “opium-eaters” of old. Here are some tales of woe that came with the arrival of Chinese opium to the streets of the Harbor.