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Van Damme doesn’t exactly take “Welcome to the Jungle” by a Storm

It’s great that Jean-Claude Van Damme can make light of his tough-guy image and he’s certainly the selling point for “Welcome to the Jungle,” a comedy about an Outward Bound-style corporate retreat on a deserted island that devolves into “Lord of the Office Flies.” What’s not so great is that the movie is only sporadically funny.

Jay Leno saying goodbye — again

Monday began Jay Leno’s farewell run on “The Tonight Show,” four nights of stars and tributes as he completes close to 22 years of late-night hosting. Friday night, NBC will begin Olympics coverage, then on Feb. 17 Jimmy Fallon will make a smooth transition into the “Tonight” job.

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Walter Mosley makes an e-book “Odyssey”

LOS ANGELES — Back in April, as we were wandering the L.A. neighborhood in which he was raised, Walter Mosley mentioned “Parishioner,” a novel he published as an e-book original. If you don’t know it, that’s not surprising; it was a small book, sneaked out in the months leading up to the release of the Easy Rawlins-resurrecting “Little Green.”

Leo is charismatically loathsome as “The Wolf of Wall Street”

Leonardo DiCaprio’s most charismatic performance ever anchors Martin Scorsese’s robust and raunchy lowlifes-of-high-finance comedy “The Wolf of Wall Street.” This is their greatest teaming, a veritable “Citizen Kane” of the post-“greed is good” era — three hours of cocaine and orgies and high-living by the sorts of gauche gamblers who brought that age, and the world economy, to its knees. It is Scorsese’s “La Dolce Vita,” a manic, coke-fueled stock market “Goodfellas” following the rise and epic fall of a crook. All that’s missing are the victims, and the outrage.