A digital solution for growing recipe collections

Instead of shuffling through an ever-growing stack of collected recipes, there’s now a digital solution to all your recipe woes — personalized eCookbooks for tablets courtesy of MyRecipes.com.

MyRecipes.com, the Time Inc. Lifestyle Group’s top 10 digital food and recipe center that launched in 2007, started the first digital cookbook haven for customers to start personalized eCookbooks on tablets (iPad- and Nook-optimized).

Customers are encouraged to search through MyRecipes.com for recipes and can also upload recipes of their choosing — that way grandma’s famous chicken doesn’t get lost in the transition.

Customers have access to a table of contents, recipe index, search tool, bookmarks and notes to make the process that much more interactive.

Each recipe includes a photo, ingredient list and instructions.

There is also a “customize your cover” feature, so users can upload a picture of their choice, whether that’s a shot of their children eating a favorite family recipe, a family portrait or a photo of a family’s favorite dish all plated up.

MyRecipes.com also includes more than 70,000 recipes, how-to videos, step-by-step instructions, healthy choices and tips.

Once a recipe is in your library, you do not need an Internet connection to access it, according to its website. This is an appropriate gift for many occasions, including holidays, weddings, baby showers and more to celebrate family, friends and food.

MyRecipes.com also provides an example eCookbook in case consumers have any further questions about what it could look like.

The eCookbooks cost $1.99 for 20 recipes, and additional recipes may be added in groups of 10 for 99 cents


For more information, check out MyRecipes.com on Facebook (facebook.com/myrecipes), Twitter (@My—Recipes) Pinterest (pinterest.com/myrecipes/), Google+ and Instagram (@myrecipes).


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