"Killer Ambition," by O.J. prosecutor Marcia Clark

“Killer Ambition” by Marcia Clark; Mulholland Books ($26)

The seamy side of Hollywood never fails to fascinate, and it delivers enough intrigue and general nastiness to make for a gripping plot. And few know what that underbelly of tinsel town can entail as does Marcia Clark, who forever will be associated with being the prosecutor in the O.J. Simpson trial.

But Clark also should be known as an author of compelling legal thrillers.

In her third novel, Clark wraps a tight, unpredictable plot around a look at unbridled ambition, greed, fame and family vagaries. Clark keeps the brisk plot of “Killer Ambition” twisting from the mansions built on the movie industry to a tense trial.

Los Angeles deputy district attorney Rachel Knight’s latest case involves the kidnapping of celebrity producer Russell Antonovich’s teen daughter, Hayley.

Clark’s storytelling skills take another leap with the impressive “Killer Ambition,” keeping several plot threads in motion as she draws them to a realistic conclusion. Rachel’s friendship with a colleague and a female detective illustrates the support that women can offer each other.

Clark again proves she knows her way around the courtroom with “Killer Ambition.”


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