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Van Damme doesn’t exactly take “Welcome to the Jungle” by a Storm

It’s great that Jean-Claude Van Damme can make light of his tough-guy image and he’s certainly the selling point for “Welcome to the Jungle,” a comedy about an Outward Bound-style corporate retreat on a deserted island that devolves into “Lord of the Office Flies.” What’s not so great is that the movie is only sporadically funny.

Jay Leno saying goodbye — again

Monday began Jay Leno’s farewell run on “The Tonight Show,” four nights of stars and tributes as he completes close to 22 years of late-night hosting. Friday night, NBC will begin Olympics coverage, then on Feb. 17 Jimmy Fallon will make a smooth transition into the “Tonight” job.

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“The Secret Life of Walter Mitty”: A winsome, attaboy appeal

This has been such an exceptional year in movies that calling a movie “perfectly likable” or even “good” starts to sound like faint praise. Which means that “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty,” Ben Stiller’s contemporary adaptation of the James Thurber story, may well get lost in the shuffle of its betters. But that shouldn’t detract from the strengths of a film that, while imperfect, has much to recommend it.

Bradley Cooper is not just skin deep

MINNEAPOLIS — Whoa, double take. In his latest movie, the 1970s crime caper “American Hustle,” Bradley Cooper is near-unrecognizable, his matinee idol looks sacrificed on the altar of character acting. He’s a veritable refugee from Studio 54 in double-wide lapels, flared trousers, a Robin Gibb beard and Toni-home-permanent pin curls.

Artificial intelligence: Is it for real?

NEW YORK — In the upcoming movie “Her,” Joaquin Phoenix plays Theodore Twombly, a lonely tech company staffer who falls for Samantha (Scarlett Johansson). She’s smart, funny and sexy, but there’s a catch: Samantha is the voice of an operating system.