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Careers: How video games are becoming more appreciated

Since their inception, video games have been dismissed as a lesser form of entertainment compared to film and television. But the video game industry has grown rapidly, and the 2015 Global Games Market report estimated the industry to be worth $91.5 billion. As a result, video game development has become a popular and profitable occupation.

Scientists synthesize the shortest-known genome necessary for life

Chipping away at the genome of a tiny parasitic bacteria, genetic-sequencing trailblazer J. Craig Venter and colleagues say they’ve synthesized the shortest-known genome known to support life. This man-made set of genetic instructions contains only 473 genes, breaking the record held by the bacteria Mycoplasma genitalium, which with 525 genes contains the shortest-known genome found in nature.

Ferguson police start wearing cameras

FERGUSON, Mo.— Police officers here began wearing body cameras over the weekend as marchers took to the streets in the most recent protest of a shooting three weeks earlier by a city officer that left an unarmed teenager dead.