Ferrari leads Olympia police on chase of 100 miles per hour through downtown

A terrified passenger who accepted a ride from the West Side Tavern in a silver Ferrari Sunday night got more than he bargained for when the allegedly drunk driver led police on a 100 mile-per-hour chase through downtown Olympia, police reports state.

The passenger eventually jumped from the moving vehicle after the Ferrari slowed during the chase. He suffered only minor injuries. The driver wound up smashing the Ferrari into a parked car and a home before surrendering to police in a church parking lot on Pacific Avenue.

The alleged 42-year-old driver, Joseph Shaun Goodman, was arrested late Sunday night on suspicion of false imprisonment and felony eluding a police vehicle. Goodman registered a blood alcohol level of 0.16, twice the limit for drunken driving, when he book a Breathalyzer test after his arrest, according to a police report.

Goodman is a 2013 graduate of Thurston County’s DUI court.

During a court hearing Monday, Thurston County Superior Court Judge James Dixon ordered Goodman held on suspicion of false imprisonment, felony eluding and felony driving under the influence of alcohol.

Dixon set Goodman’s bail at $75,000, and ordered that Goodman cannot consume any alcohol if he is released from custody. Dixon also ordered that Goodman must wear an electronic bracelet in the event of his release that will notify court officials immediately if he consumes any alcohol at all.

Deputy Prosecuting Attorney Joseph Wheeler said Goodman’s alleged behavior, after having completed a DUI court that allows offenders to have a DUI charge dismissed, is “atrocious.” Wheeler told the court that Goodman has five prior DUI convictions.

Goodman held his head down and covered his eyes with his hands as Dixon said he considers Goodman a danger to the community, based on the allegations against him that are outlined in court records.

Wheeler noted that dangerous driving through downtown Olympia over the summer caused a young woman to have to have her leg amputated when she was struck. “It is incredibly dangerous to speed through the city,” Wheeler.

Dixon compared Goodman’s alleged behavior to “walking downtown with a loaded gun firing rounds.”

Goodman’s attorney, Paul Strophy noted that Goodman is a local business owner, and a devoted father of two daughters. Strophy asked Dixon if, after Goodman made bail, he could be allowed to attend a soccer tournament in Las Vegas in January. Strophy said Goodman had prior plans to compete in the soccer tournament.

Strophy said Goodman has a hotel reservation for the end of January at the Venetian in Las Vegas.

Dixon refused Goodman’s request for permission to go to Las Vegas.

“I would be doing not only this community, but also you a disservice if I allowed you to go to the state of Nevada,” Dixon told Goodman. “You are not to leave the state of Washington.”

According to police reports:

The chase began about 11 p.m. after an Olympia officer noticed the Ferrari driving about 50 miles per hour on Harrison Avenue SW.

The 27-year-old passenger told police that while at the West Side Tavern on Harrison Avenue, the Ferrari driver was “flashing some big wads of cash and buying people drinks at the bar.” The passenger said he accepted a ride to another local bar in the man’s Ferrari. As they drove down Harrison, the passenger told the driver to stop because of the police car following them with its lights flashing.

The 27-year-old passenger called 911 during the chase to tell emergency responders that the driver would not let him out of the car. The passenger eventually jumped from the still-moving Ferrari when it momentarily slowed downtown. The man suffered cuts to his elbow and stomach, complained of shoulder stiffness, but was otherwise okay.

When the passenger was asked to describe the driver, he said he was about “six-foot two, six-foot three, with a fake tan, wearing a black shirt, and tight jeans.” The man said he did not know the driver’s name.

The 2000 Ferrari F360 headed into downtown Olympia on Fifth Avenue during the chase, running red lights and driving over curbs. One police officer involved in the chase watched it “bottom out,” throwing sparks as it undercarriage dragged on the pavement as it traveled through the intersection of Fifth Avenue and Deschutes Parkway.

The Ferrari later smashed into a parked car and a home at the intersection of Legion Way and Lybarger Street SE.

The chase ended in the parking lot of the Risen Faith Fellowship Church, located in the 2100 block of Pacific Avenue SE. The Ferrari was severely damaged, with “significant front bumper and passenger side body damage, and missing body parts.” An Olympia police officer drew his firearm as he approached the car and ordered Goodman to exit and lie face down on the ground.

After his arrest, Goodman asked to speak to a lawyer.

Goodman’s 2000 Ferrari F360 was valued at approximately $70,000.

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