Fircrest woman charged with intimidating a judge

A 46-year-old Fircrest woman upset with a Pierce County judge for authorizing a search of her home has been arrested and charged with three crimes for allegedly leaving a threatening message on the judge’s voicemail.

Not guilty pleas were entered Monday on behalf of Suzanne Carey to charges of intimidating a judge, telephone harassment and felony harassment. Superior Court Commissioner Meagan Foley ordered Carey jailed in lieu of $100,000.

Carey allegedly began calling the courtroom of Superior Court Judge Katherine Stolz in October to complain about a search warrant the judge had signed earlier this year that allowed police to enter her home, court records show.

Stolz’s judicial assistant later told investigators she spoke to Carey about the warrant and told her there was nothing the judge could do to help her, the records show.

Carey allegedly called again Dec. 16 about the same issue, and Stolz’s judicial assistance hung up on her when she became “increasingly agitated and hostile,” records show.

The defendant allegedly called back and left a voicemail in which she insulted a sheriff’s deputy and said Jehovah would unleash his vengeance on them, the records state.

Two days later, Carey allegedly made a series of calls to the judge’s courtroom, which culminated with a voicemail in which she stated:

“You’re damn lucky you’re still alive, lady, because a lot of people don’t play. You know if you did that to some people in Tacoma, they would wait for you outside the courthouse and shoot a gun into your head. I’m stable. I leave things in God’s hands, but he’s not happy with you either.”

The message went on to say Stolz belongs in federal prison, records show.

Stolz later wrote out a statement in which she said Carey’s alleged actions made her fearful for herself and her assistant. The assistant also expressed concerns about the threats.

Detectives arrested Carey on Friday.

She declined to be formally interviewed by the detectives but told them as they walked her to jail that Stolz had issued an illegal warrant to search her house. She also accused the detectives of being part of the conspiracy against her, court records show.


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