Seahawks fan fires shotgun in celebration, gets arrested in Bellingham

BELLINGHAM — When Seattle cornerback Richard Sherman made the game-winning play to send the Seahawks to the Super Bowl, the team’s defense wasn’t the only thing going “boom.”

Residents of the Puget neighborhood called police to report a man firing a gun into the air right after the Seahawks’ victory, according to the Bellingham Police. When police showed up to the house on Newton Street, they noticed five discharged shotgun shells in the yard.

Brice A. Campman, 60, admitted to firing his shotgun in celebration of the Seahawks’ advancement to the Super Bowl. Campman was “slightly intoxicated,” according to police, and was reportedly angry at officers for responding to his celebrations.

Campman was arrested on suspicion of discharging a weapon within city limits, and his shotgun was impounded.

Campman wasn’t the lone Seahawks fan to spend time with police Sunday. A drunk person entered Pizza Pipeline on Maple Street around halftime of the Seahawks game, according to police. When the woman fell down and couldn’t get up, Pipeline employees called the police, whom the woman swore at repeatedly before being taken to St. Joseph hospital in protective custody.

A homeless man watching the Seahawks game and swearing while at the McDonald’s on King Street, was cited for drinking in public, according to the police.


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