Waitress receives more generosity after $700 tip

The generosity is continuing for Rosie Salice, the restaurant server who received a $700 check Sunday from a customer she’d never met before.

Since the news broke about the good deed, Salice, a 22-year-old student and jewelry-maker, has been contacted by a few television news stations and a woman who wants to sell Salice’s jewelry in her salon.

“It’s amazing,” Salice said of the public’s reaction to her story. After the $700 she received, “I’m shocked that anyone else would be further interested in helping.”

Salice was waiting tables on Sunday afternoon at Vancouver’s Mint Tea bistro when a customer noticed her raw crystal necklace, which Salice made by hand. The customer complimented the necklace and said Salice should start her own jewelry-making business. Salice told the customer she’s tried to sell her jewelry without much success.

When it came time for the customer to pay the tab, she gave Salice the check and a note that said, “I believe in you!” Overwhelmed, Salice started to cry and hugged the customer, a Wyoming woman named RuthAnne. Salice declined to share the full name of the charitable stranger, because she believes the woman wouldn’t want the publicity.

With the $700, Salice said she plans to start her own jewelry-making company by applying for a business license and buying more supplies. In addition to making jewelry, Salice studies psychology and addiction at Washington State University Vancouver.

Salice said her mother encouraged her to share the uplifting story with local media as a way to inspire others.

“I hope it helps other people see people in need,” Salice said. “Even people who don’t have a lot can give.”


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