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Kelsy Bryson serves as legislative aide

Kelsy Bryson, a student at Montesano High School, served as a page recently in the State House of Representatives. Sponsored by state Rep. Kevin Van De Wege (D-Sequim), Kelsy is the daughter of Cora Dubrow of Hoquiam and Clint Bryson of Montesano. Kelsy is a long-distance runner, plays trombone in Montesano High School Band, and is a member of The Treble Makers girls’ choir.

Researchers grapple for Alzheimer’s cure as it threatens to overwhelm health care system

SACRAMENTO, Calif. — Gasps were audible as the images flashed before a gathering of scientists at a recent UC Davis Alzheimer’s Disease Center pathology conference. On the screen before them were photos of a brain severely wasted with age, with what looked like silver rivers of atrophy cutting deeply through the tissue. Even for the experts, it can be shocking to see the damage that Alzheimer’s disease inflicts on the aging brain.

Lost sense of smell often invisible, untreatable problem

CHICAGO — Mimi Koberlein woke up one morning unable to smell the bacon her husband was frying for breakfast. Confused, she ran to the shower, grabbed her shampoo and inhaled deeply. Nothing. Two years later, Koberlein, 47, still can’t smell lemons, freshly cut grass, her three boys or any other fragrances of life. Diagnosed with anosmia, or smell loss, she has tried decongestants, nasal irrigation, oral steroids and acupuncture. But nothing has worked.

The Troubles: Uproar over Gerry Adams’s arrest in Northern Ireland reveals fragility of peace

BELFAST, Northern Ireland — A week after his mother was dragged from his arms and murdered, 11-year-old Michael McConville was himself abducted and warned to keep quiet. Forty-two years later, he says he’s never named the Irish Republican Army members who killed his mother because he fears doing so could leave his children without a father.