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Commentary — Ruling out senility on the bench

In a law review article I wrote 15 years ago about cognitive decline on the U.S. Supreme Court, I predicted that, in the coming years, no one would take action to mitigate the problem. Instead, another half a dozen mentally decrepit justices would join “the roster of jurists who harmed their court and hurt their own reputations by remaining on the bench too long.”

Doyle McManus — Donald Trump’s women problem

Improbably but relentlessly, Donald Trump is marching toward the Republican Party’s presidential nomination. Polls suggest that he may pull off a surprise win in the Iowa caucuses on Monday. He’s an even stronger frontrunner in New Hampshire and other primary states. And last week, he showed that it’s possible to win a debate by not showing up.

The ‘hothouse’ economy

This year is starting off with the worst performance of stocks in decades. It has many analysts wondering exactly what’s driving it and, more importantly, whether there’s an end in sight.

Jay Ambrose — GOP dropouts needed

If you look at America and what it needs and doesn’t need in its next president and you see Donald Trump standing there, suggest his deportation. If you see Ted Cruz, convince him his Texas values should be honored by never leaving the state. And Bernie Sanders? Give him a ticket to Venezuela so he can discover what socialism really does to a society.

New breast cancer screening guidelines could be deadly

The American Cancer Society says that about 25 percent of women who die from breast cancer were diagnosed in their 40s. Yet, in an unexpected and unfortunate move, the United States Preventive Services Task Force, or USPSTF, last week finalized its draft breast cancer screening guidelines raising the age women should begin regular screening from 40 to 50. They did this despite the fact that Congress recently passed legislation that prevents these recommendations from being implemented. As a breast surgeon who treats high-risk African-American women with breast cancer every day, I can tell you from experience that the release of these guidelines does a disservice to women everywhere.

Jay Ambrose — Christmas stories illustrate holiday’s true meaning

The Christmas season isn’t just fret and rush with commercialism watching from on high. It may sometimes seem that way, especially in a society ever less religious and ever more materialistic, but then we witness the special bursts of kindness, generosity, hope and love. The underlying message exerts itself, and it often does so through stories.

Rekha Basu — Scalia outdoes Trump

U.S. Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia came out with some statements so uninformed and prejudicial about black students last week that even Donald Trump, who makes regular headlines for his own uninformed, prejudiced statements, repudiated them. At least for a day or so.

Will your driverless car kill you so others may live?

It’s 2025. You and your daughter are riding in a driverless car along Pacific Coast Highway. The autonomous vehicle rounds a corner and detects a crosswalk full of children. It brakes, but your lane is unexpectedly full of sand from a recent rock slide. It can’t get traction. Your car does some calculations: If it continues braking, there’s a 90 percent chance that it will kill at least three children. Should it save them by steering you and your daughter off the cliff?