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Kerry Madden — When drugs conquer all

We just said goodbye to a 26-year-old neighbor, a kid I watched grow up from sandbox to carpool to high school rock band to opera singer to drugs. His name was Noah. He could sing a seamless “Stardust,” and he loved the Italian opera singer Tito Gobbi, because Gobbi was a true character actor too.

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Jay Ambrose: Overregulation could ruin the Internet

It is in constant, energetic motion, an endlessly useful marvel of ingenuity, a source of billions of pages of data and, if you want it, of depth and scholarly papers. It is perhaps the foremost differentiating symbol of our era. It is the Internet, described by one student of communications as a development right up there with language itself, writing, the alphabet and the moveable-type printing press.

Mark Cedergreen — A more sensible alternative to a sport fishing priority in Washington

Last week an op-ed was published in the Aberdeen Daily World that solicited support for a legislative bill that would transfer fishing opportunity from commercial fisheries to recreational fisheries, basically for purely economic gain. I would like to counter that proposal. My opinion is my own and does not necessarily represent the views of all of the folks I work for.