The ballots just keep on coming

We — my wife and I — again received a ballot in the mail from Vern Spatz, Grays Harbor County Auditor, for the Feb. 11, election.

We are both registered in Arizona and have been since April 18, 2012.

It’s odd that we keep receiving these ballots because I have advised the auditor no less than twice in the past about not being registered to vote in Grays Harbor County.

Of great concern to me is they have not removed us from the voter roles in spite of me notifying them.

During the 17 years that we resided in Ocean Shores there were several very close votes. Library, EMS, School levies for example.

I cannot help but wonder if those votes were from valid registered voters.

It is apparent that the auditor needs to audit his own office to insure the ballots are sent only to legitimate registered voters.

David M. Clary

Glendale, Ariz.


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