Changed your mind?

Last November, this newspaper and 70 percent of the voters in Grays Harbor County endorsed Chuck Caldwell for re-election as Port Commissioner.

His opponent, Ron Figlar-Barnes, was marginally ridiculed as a one-trick pony for focusing his entire campaign on a single issue he perceived as warranting our attention: The ill-advised introduction of crude oil into our communities and waterways.

In a debate late in the campaign, Mr. Caldwell went so far as to accuse Ron of employing “scare tactics” to win votes.

Two months hence, it would appear that November’s “scare tactics” have evolved into January’s “headlines.”

How oafishly clumsy of Mr. Figlar-Barnes to try and point out the obvious before it became … well … obvious.

Is there a specific number of derailments or explosions or evacuations or deaths that need to occur elsewhere before we can come together as a community and decide that this is just simply a really bad idea?

I realize the railroad and the business interests involved are going to ride this horse right into the ground. That is to be expected, I guess. But to everybody else on Grays Harbor — it truly is OK to say, “I’ve changed my mind.”

Richard Pennant



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