Coffee and stadiums; can one have both?

I have a few things to say about the failure of the bond for a new stadium in Elma and I have come to the conclusion that a lot of people in this town have no idea what they are talking about!

I have seen the posts on Facebook that adults have been saying to our kids who are disappointed that the people that are expected to have their best interest at heart have let them down.

You say we don’t need a “Taj Mahal” — that the school district is asking too much from such a small community. If you had read the material that the school district mailed out and if you can do simple math you would see that for someone who owns a house that is tax assessed at $100,000 it would cost them $95 a year, which if you break that down it is 26 cents a day. So let’s do the math for a $300,000 home that would be 78 cents a day. So, for less than the cost of a cup of coffee a day and not the fancy foofoo kind you get at the coffee stands, just plain old Folgers we could give the kids and the town of Elma a new stadium.

For those that said on public television “that they want too much, the people in this town live on fixed incomes, they can’t afford more taxes,” again, if you had read the information that was given to you it would have told you that if you are 61 years of age, retired because of a disability or your household income does not exceed $35,000 you qualify for an exemption from this tax.

Now if you are an FFA parent and you voted against this bond because you thought that it was “too much” to pay then just wait until your child goes to FFA state or national competition. Since we will not have a stadium, there won’t be a concession stand to make the money to help offset the costs of these trips. So when comparing 78 cents to the expense of rooms and transportation costs that the FFA club has been lucky enough to be able to help with from the money that they make from this awesome fundraiser, it doesn’t look quite so bad does it?

The scholarship money that is raised from this will also go away.

The money that the ASB raises from entrance fees into football and soccer games will shrink by a huge amount because let’s face it, the only people that will be coming to watch these games while we are all sitting in the pouring down rain in metal bleachers without a roof over our heads will be the parents and some die hard grandparents!

For those girls who are on the Fall Dance Drill Team and the parents who want to watch their kids’ hard work payoff in their halftime performances, good luck being able to see much of it from the metal bleachers on the sidelines because that crest in the middle of the field, while up in the stands you don’t notice so much, but when you are on the ground you will be lucky if you get a quick glimpse of your child.

This isn’t only about a stadium, it is so much more and if you could really get into the heart of this project and see what it will bring for less than a cup of coffee a day. You can help bring a new sense of pride to Elma. We will have more to offer to people outside our district that will want to come back!

Most people who know me know that I am very passionate about this, and I can spout off the facts about this project in my sleep. I am very active in this community and see the potential that the stadium will bring to this town, and it makes me sad that a bunch of people who didn’t come to a single meeting, of which there were many, discussing what to do, where to build and how much we should ask for, can have such a negative impact on this project. It is absolutely crazy to me to see all that you have to say after the fact, but when the decisions were being made you had nothing to say!

Please, before the bond issue is run again, ask questions, get the facts and help make a positive impact on our school kids and this town. Get the answers you need that will help you understand that giving up one cup of coffee a day is really all we are asking for!

Lisa Sutherby



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