Dangerous chemicals

We live on the coast in the State of Washington where Japanese eel grass has recently been classified as a class “C” weed. This allows for even more spraying of the chemicals imazapyr and glyphosate (ROUNDUP) on commercial shellfish beds to control this grass, along with spartina grass, which has been sprayed since 1996.

A new chemical — imadicloprid — is being tested to replace carbaryl (SEVIN) for mud shrimp control on these same beds. SEVIN use started in 1964 and, after 48 years, was outlawed in 2012, more than likely after scientists figured out the long-term effects.

There are numerous independent university and research facility studies on the potential dangers of these chemicals to humans. The EPA, FDA and the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) should immediately order more extensive and unbiased testing for all chemicals in these products — sprayed or otherwise — and, if appropriate, set consumption limits especially for pregnant women and children as they do on other many foods like freshwater fish and other seafood.

Please tell all your family members and friends of the potential dangers of eating chemical/water filtering GMO shellfish that have been exposed to these chemicals. Don’t be the guinea pigs for the next new and improved poison.

The Chinese won’t eat them, whales are dying and autism is becoming epidemic. Could there be a connection? Shouldn’t all shellfish be tested for poisons in America?

Steve and Cindy Bova

Ocean Shores


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