Do your job

It takes a lot to make me mad, but the fiasco being foisted on the public, by the County Commissioners, has finally done it.

They were given a list of three names, supplied by the Democratic Party, of candidates to fill the prosecutors vacancy in Grays Harbor. They chose Vini Samuel, the last name on the list, as their choice. When Vini declined the appointment, why did they not go back to the same list and choose another name?

Could it be that the commissioners have their own private agenda as to who can, or will be, the new county prosecutor?

Now they want a new list from the Democrats, which will NOT include anyone who would be interested in running for the prosecutors office in the next election.

That may be the most ridiculous request they have made, so far, in this entire process.

As for the 60-day clock which expired on Nov. 29, how can they say it re-started on Nov. 27 when Vini declined the appointment?

The 60-day clock expires unless someone fills the prosecutors vacancy, which was not the case. The vacancy has not been filled during that 60-day period due mainly to the incompetent actions taken by the County Commissioners, whom I believe have relinquished their authority to continue this process.

These commissioners were elected to represent the people of this county, regardless of political affiliation, but it now seems they are on a power trip which could possibly lead to another lawsuit against the county.

Do we really need something as simple as an appointment to turn into a quagmire from which there will be no escape, or should common sense be applied to this problem?

Commissioners, do the job you were elected to do and get on with it. If you can’t do that, perhaps you should consider getting out of the job.

Larry Wakefield



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