E-cigs really help

I have been smoking cigarettes since I started college at the age of 20, to fit in with the in-crowd. I am now 70.

I quit cigarettes a year ago and I smoke the e-cig now.

I no longer have the chronic cough I used to have, nor am I killing anyone else with second-hand smoke, not doing any more damage to my lungs.

To those who voted down the use of e-cigs in public buildings I say: 1. They don’t know what they are talking about. E-cigs have a harmless vapor that dissipates quickly, does not cling to clothes or hair as cigarettes do. 2. They probably do not have and have never had the habit. 3. Don’t make it harder to quit than it is. E-cigs do help. 4. If they prefer, we could all walk around with a sucker in our mouth like Kojack.

Give them a break. At least they are trying to quit.

And by the way, my doctor is very happy.

Linda Reilly



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