Enchanted Valley Chalet

I am very concerned that nothing is being done to rescue the Enchanted Valley Chalet. I have received e-mail updates from friends in the Olympians Hiking Club as well as other concerned citizens about the plight of the chalet. The National Park Service has known for months that the river changed coarse and has been moving ever closer to the chalet. The e-mails I received yesterday showed pictures of the damage that the river has already done to the chalet.

My mother, Anne Moisanen, would be heart-broken if she were still alive. Actually, she would probably be on the doorstep of the Olympic National Park head! Anne and the Olympians put in many man-hours of labor to reinforce the chalet, and they raised money for that project both by asking for donations and collecting and selling aluminum. The Olympians donated over$7,000 to Olympic National Park for the care of the Enchanted Valley Chalet but nothing is being done to save the chalet.

I hope that there is enough concern from the citizens of Grays Harbor County and around the country that the National Park Service will feel the pressure to save the chalet now before it is too late.

Ingrid Moisanen Pugh



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