Faith restored

We wanted to express our thanks to some very special citizens.

Our car got stuck in the mud on a logging road pull-out on Route 8.

We seemed to be in the middle of nowhere with no cell phone service and truly thought we were in for a very late arrival at our intended destination, Cannon Beach.

Within minutes, no fewer than three vehicles stopped to see if we were OK and to see if they could help. Some had to travel some distance to find a place to turn around. One man even drove back to his home to get a tow rope and while he was gone, another man who stopped happened to have a chain big enough to hold the Titanic in his truck and hauled us out in five seconds.

We don’t know any of your names, but we hope you see this letter.

Thanks again for all your help. It really helps restore one’s faith in human nature.


Linda Hellmann and Rob Collins

Port Moody, British Columbia, Canada


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