Fireworks laws ignored

In the July 3rd Daily World there was a front page article on lighting off fireworks and when you can do them.

Either people who buy the fireworks don’t read the paper, or they just don’t seem to care about their neighbors who have animals who are sensitive to these types of noises, or they couldn’t care less about the laws that have been set.

The laws are put there for a reason and not just a waste of the paper they are printed on.

I guess the people who do it have no sense whatsoever.

I think they need to have a penalty that is a little more strict, saying that if they are caught doing it before the day of the holiday they won’t be able to do it on the holiday ever.

My dog gets really stressed on this matter and doesn’t understand. It is hard to tell your dog everything is fine when, being a dog, to them it’s not.

Maybe posting it on radio stations about when you are able to let off fireworks for the next 4th of July or New Year’s holidays.

Bob Zink



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