Who has the right?

Does the City of Hoquiam in Grays Harbor or the Port of Vancouver have the right to threaten and jeopardize the lives of over five million people? Do they have the right to threaten the livelihoods of tens of thousands of crabbers, fishers and those who rely on clean, healthy waters?

How have corporatism and bottom lines been allowed to overshadow the workforce of the coastal economies? Pacific County has the highest percent of its workforce reliant on marine resource-based jobs with 36 percent of them employed by these sustainable industries. Grays Harbor follows with a figure of 31 percent. What is the cost-benefit of a spill or accident that impacts these workers?

Trading jobs is NOT creating jobs. We need to put an end to the fossil fuelishness of bringing new coal and/or crude oil terminals to our Washington Coast. Say no to the crude, say no to the coal.

Arthur (R.D.) Grunbaum



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