Get on the bus

Mr. Gary Randall, do you realize Grays Harbor Transit also carries handicap passengers to doctor visits? For their cancer treatment? For their dialysis treatment? Or any other medical treatments. Not every one can drive or afford a car even if they could drive. That does not make them a slug.

Many ladies didn’t learn to drive years ago so when their husband passes they are lost for transportation! Some people lose their right to drive and they need the bus. Better they be on the bus than the road. Many children ride the bus because their parents are working. I could go on and on, Many people ride the bus to work. That reduces the traffic on the roads. Given the price of gas, many HAVE to ride the bus. That would be great fun in the rain. I’m not sure how the senior citizens would carry their groceries and peddle a bike. That would be great fun in the rain.

Maybe you should rethink the silly statement you made! You should hope you’re never in the position to need to ride the bus. And sit next to a slug.

Jean Hagen



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