Go along to get along

The Senate recently approved a Department of Defense bill that would authorize $625 billion for the military. Senator Sanders voted no and commented that “At a time when the United States has a $17.2 trillion national debt, huge unmet social needs, and when we spend almost as much on defense as the rest of the world combined, the time is long overdue for us to take a hard look at the waste, cost overruns and financial mismanagement that has plagued the Defense Department for years.”

Our senators, Murray and Cantwell voted yes, as they have on every defense funding bill.

Five years ago Democrats were swept into Congress with the promise of ending the Iraq War. Now here we are still engaged in numerous military adventures, spending more on defense than the next 17 nations combined and most of them are our allies.

In 1944 we had 1,100 general and flag officers commanding 14 million troops. Today we have 919 flag and general officers leading 1.4 million troops.

Unemployment extension has run out and Republicans, who blocked a bill to provide incentives to bring jobs back from overseas, will not support these unemployed Americans, without finding a way to pay for the extension.

All right, fine. Rather than pursuing the “go along to get along” philosophy, our senators need to fight for cuts to military spending; defund the redundant, and wasteful, Homeland Security Department and end subsidies to corporations (corporate welfare). These cuts will not only pay for the unemployment extension, they will reduce deficit spending, an issue politicians decry, but do nothing about.

That’s how you pay for the extension; ask Senators Cantwell and Murray why they don’t fight?

Chris Thompson

South Bend


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