Gordon’s boys club too restrictive

I worked on the Gordon campaign for County Commissioner. I supported and endorsed Frank. I am embarrassed I did and won’t make the mistake again.

I read with interest Steven Friederich’s article “Gordon openly trying to sink Raines campaign” in The Daily World on July 22. I chuckled when I read Commissioner Gordon’s quote, “It’s about teamwork,” … “We have a good team here at the county and Vickie is a dictator who takes control. … She does not have the temperament…”

“Loose Cannon” Gordon appears to have little knowledge of what temperament means or what temperament is necessary for political office. After he insulted and demeaned our Deputy Prosecutor, Katie Svoboda, calling her “our girl, Katie” (in an effort to support his boy, Mike) and now ranks the successful and popular female Mayor of Cosmopolis as too temperamental to be commissioner (over his boy, Al or any of the other boys in his sandbox) it can’t be ignored someone has a problem or a personal ax to grind here. The voters need to figure out whom.

Vickie is a tough cookie without a doubt. Cross her or her family or her city and you will know how tough she can be. I know many male politicians who are tough as well. I’ve never known it to be considered a lack of temperament, but rather an asset for good, strong, government and/or management … unless you are “Loose Cannon” Gordon.

I’ll not stoop to Commissioner Gordon’s depths to comment on any of the other candidates in the race other than to suggest if the combined political experience of all of them were to be stacked like cord wood, you could climb up on it and still not see over one of the mole hills in my yard.

I already voted for Vickie “I’m a Democrat. I’ve always been a Democrat” Raines for County Commissioner and Katie Svoboda for County Prosecutor in the primary. I urge all voters to join me in ignoring Commissioner Gordon’s self-serving rant and support these extremely qualified candidates in the General Election as well.

Jim Eddy



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