High cost of hunting

My husband, Leonard, and I have enjoyed the fishing and hunting here in the state of Washington. We are 73 and 74 years of age and I am disabled. This is an important food source for us.

This year for me alone the cost is prohibitive. It runs us over $160 and we would still have to pay $75 to $250 to walk and hunt on land we have always hunted and fished on.

We pay the many different taxes to live in a place that we have loved over the years and had the freedom to do so. It is important for us to be able to hunt and fish in our own area. but mostly it is important for us to just be able to hunt and fish.

I do not feel it is right for us to have to pay for the timber company permits at these high costs without them offsetting our property taxes. A big company that is based somewhere else is forcing us to pay for land that we have hunted and fished on throughout our lives.

Are we the only people who are ticked off with the timber company permits? How are they able to act under the farce of stating they are open land, charge outlandish permit prices, which can only go up, and to skip their fair share of property taxes?

Dorothy Olson



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