Is it Raines’ gender Gordon objects to?

I truly will never lose my faith, hope and charity in The Daily World. You have been my guiding light for too many years, but I was extremely embarrassed and disappointed in the interview published in the July 22 edition with Frank Gordon, written by Steven Friederich, indeed one of my favorite writers.

Vickie Raines has been able to put politics aside and get the needs of the public met. She has had experience with not only the office of mayor but with the chairmanship of the Chehalis Basin Flood Authority, and as chairwoman of the local mayors council. It would definitely appear she knows how to work with a variety of entities and not as a “dictator.”

What is Frank afraid of?

The reporter wrote: “a few eyebrows have been raised … concerning a sitting commissioner taking such an aggressive stand against a candidate he is not even running against.” That was followed by Gordon saying, “It’s like I am the fifth candidate in this here campaign.” Need I write more?

Yes, because of my long family history of women’s rights, I cannot help but feel he does not want a woman as a county commissioner.

Mary E. Weed



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