It was a spotless Fifth

The morning following the Fourth of July “Splash” at Morrison park, I stopped at Top Foods to get a cup of coffee and a copy of The Seattle Times. I always go over to the park to enjoy my reading and coffee moment.

I thought, “Not this time. There will be paper debris, bottles and cans thrown about, plus cartons of leftover food left on the premises and the park driveway will also be unkempt!”

But this was my ritual, so I’ll just make the best of it!

As I approached the front entrance leading to the Rotary Log Pavilion and into the park, I stopped my car to make a long, lingering and concerted look and making sure I had my glasses on to believe what I saw!

Amazing — the area was spotless!

As I drove into the main interior of the park, it was still amazing. The lawn and driveway and the walkways circling the park were immaculately clean — no cans, no bottles, no food containers, no paper wrappings. Nothing. It was great.

As I settled in my car to enjoy my coffee, newspaper and surroundings, a thought occurred to me. Those people who attended the affair did care about the environment and their responsibilities. And I am sure that the Parks and Recreation Department crew were in full force to make it an enjoyable evening for all and a pleasant sunny morning for me!

As I left this charming atmosphere, I took particular notice that around all the trees, shrubs and plants was fresh beauty bark. This just added more impact to its surroundings.

Thanks to all who participated.

I’ll be back!

Larry Elliott



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