Letter: All about kids

Without children the human race would end. Every generation is renewed as children take their places in adult society. Growing to maturity through the vulnerable years of life is risky business. Children are dependent upon people who are older and more mature than them to meet their basic needs, including safety, nutrition, shelter, clothing, supervision, education, the development of social skills, comfort, a sense of who they are and coping skills. These are some of the things that are vital to the development of children.

Adults are not always successful at acting maturely and meeting the needs of the children who rely on them to provide that care. Child welfare programs have been delegated the task of receiving information that children may not be safe, of filtering through that information to assess risk and responding proactively when children are believed to be unsafe. Ongoing communication with your elected officials about ensuring adequate funding for child safety helps them keep their needs in mind as they allocate state funding on bi-annual basis, then adjust the budget for the years in between those years.

Please don’t forget to contact them and let them know that you care about funding for child safety.

Communication on all levels is vital to child safety. Please take a few minutes to communicate with your state legislators as preparations to make revisions to the state budget are underway and let them know how important it is to fund child safety work.

Evelyn M. Long



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