Letter: Disbeliever

If you can believe President Obama we have the most uninformed president in history. George Washington was kept better informed by horse back than this one. He knows nothing about anything until we do from the media. Or if that doesn’t work he claims he didn’t say it even though the actual tape of his statements are played side by side.

He didn’t say “A line in the red sand ” about Syria’s use of poison gas, “The world did.” He never said “You can keep your health plan if you like it” and the beat goes on, denying he said whatever.

When he was a candidate for the Illinois Senate in 1996 he was on record for supporting a complete control on hand guns but when he was opposing Hillary Clinton for the Democratic nomination for president, in 2008,when asked by Charles Gibson of ABC, during a debate, if he favored complete handgun control, he answered “As I said, I never have favored an all out ban on hand guns.”

He did say upon winning the presidential election that both he and Lincoln came from Illinois and Lincoln was one his favorites. However, when the 150th anniversary of Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address, on Nov. 19, he couldn’t find time for a 20-minute helicopter ride from the White House to the battlefield to honor what is recognized as one of greatest addresses ever delivered. The following weekend he did find time to fly to the West Coast for Democrat Party fund raisers.

Just some of the reasons I can’t come close to believing anything he says.

Jaen P. Henry

Ocean Shores


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