Letter: Making a list …

President Obama says he needs more revenue. He wouldn’t need more revenue if he hadn’t squandered so much in the past four plus years on such things as:

1. One trillion dollars on a stimulus bill that was supposed to be used for shovel ready jobs, but were used instead on his friends in Democrat controlled states and his cronies in the labor unions.

2. Several billion dollars on his silly green technologies, i.e. solar panels, wind farms, and electric automobiles; all of which failed.

3. Several million dollars on at least 45 Czars, 22 assistants for his wife, Michelle, and overseas junkets/vacations spending as much as $3,300 per night for hotel suites!

4. Several thousands of dollars or so on assault weapons and furnish them to drug cartels across the border in Mexico in an operation known as Fast and Furious!

5. Several billion dollars to purchase the General Motors Corp. and then giving controlling interest of the GMC to his union buddies and forcing the previous stockholders to accept 25 cents on the dollar for their stock!

6. Untold millions of dollars on lavish vacations for him and the first family, at one point, they took six vacations in a two month period!

7. Allowing the IRS to award six figure bonuses to IRS employees who targeted his political opponents!

8. Refusing to help the private sector create any of the jobs lost during this recession which is still continuing, which has resulted in reducing the labor force by 10 million jobs!

9. Wasting approximately 634 million dollars on a web site for Obamacare that doesn’t work.

About 50 some years ago, a young previous President made the following comment:

If you want to increase revenue coming into the treasury, you should reduce taxes across the board!

That President’s name was John Fitzgerald Kennedy!

James Costner



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