Maintain the rails

I have been reading all the pats on the back Puget Sound & Pacific Railroad has been giving itself lately in the paper, hoping to encourage us all to be behind the Crude by Rail projects that are being considered.

Just with the current rail traffic over the railroad tracks, they seem to be very lax in maintaining this infrastructure.

Has anyone noticed the jostling about you get when going off the Heron Street entrance into Walmart? Also going out Fifth Street in Hoquiam?

The only way these get fixed is to make a public notice of this, and then the repairs, if made, only last about a year.

Just think, with the huge increase in frequency and weight of these trains proposed by the Crude by Rail projects, is the Genesee & Wyoming Company going to better maintain the railroad tracks that cross our roads?

I am calling for a public response from the Puget Sound & Pacific Railroad addressing this issue, as they are so proud of themselves for maintaining their infrastructure.

Paul MacLeod



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