Mayors back Vickie Raines

One of the things we love about Grays Harbor is our small, tight-knit community. We recognize that working together toward our common goals of creating strong, vibrant communities benefits each of our individual cities as well as the county as a whole. We know teamwork makes each community stronger.

Unfortunately, one of our own elected officials, County Commissioner Frank Gordon from Aberdeen, has decided to use his office and name recognition to get his friend elected through divisive, negative campaigning. It’s OK to campaign for your friend, but to imply that Vickie Raines is not a team player is negative campaign politics at its worse, and simply untrue.

As mayor of Cosmopolis, Vickie Raines is one of the founding members of our informal Mayor’s Group. Recognizing the importance of communication and working together, Vickie has been a leader in assembling area mayors so we can share our challenges and solutions and to move together collaboratively to deal with local, state and federal issues that impact us all. We are particularly proud of Vickie’s leadership as chairwoman of the Chehalis Basin Flood Authority in bringing together various communities, counties, state and federal agencies and tribal leaders to work together on solving a significant regional issue. Before Vickie became chairwoman, the effort was beset by a lack of partnership. She brought everyone together.

Our experience with Vickie is she listens, shares ideas, takes action when needed and sees beyond political borders to find solutions and get things done — exactly the traits we need in a county commissioner.

As the mayors of your communities we wanted to set the record straight. Don’t be misled by negative campaigning and send the message that such tactics are not welcome on Grays Harbor. We need collaboration — not continual conflict.

Your vote is your voice. Be sure to vote for Vickie Raines in the primary and again in November.

Michael Bruce

Westport mayor

Jack Durney

Hoquiam mayor

Ken Estes

Montesano mayor

Dave Osgood

Elma mayor


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