Missing in action: The Fourth Estate

The ship of state is floundering in troubled waters and you and I are on board. Congress doesn’t bat an eye at sending 4,400 young Americans to their death, killing 500,000 Iraqis and spending two trillion dollars on an illegal invasion of Iraq. The lapel pin patriots, with their American flag pins fixed to their suit lapels will look straight into the camera and tell you we need to cut (name your social program) to trim the deficit and right the ship.

The Republicans and corporate Democrats will not buck their corporate masters to save the ship. They will not plug the holes that are sinking the boat — corporate subsidies and corporate tax loop holes — or stop the bleeding of American jobs overseas.

And the six corporations representing the fourth estate and controlling 90 percent of all American media will not call them to account nor inform the American people of their peril.

The fourth estate, it seems, is bent upon misinformation, lies and spreading fear and hate. The result is the people are divided and fearful and so vote against their own best interest and cling to slick sound bites as morsels of truth.

For the scoundrels and people of power know that the key to their power is keeping people in the dark, as a bright light sends rats scuttling to darkness, so does truth send scoundrels back into their lairs.

You doubt this? Every media outlet in the land is full of box scores, sporting statistics and trivia, but none of them give you the voting record of your elected officials, nor the results of their schemes and legislative output on behalf of corporate and moneyed interests. Many an American can quote batting averages and yards gained by skilled players, but ask them who any of their elected representatives are, and you will get a blank stare, or the hackneyed phrase, “I don’t care about politics.”

Chris Thompson

South Bend


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