No going back once hospital district approved

After I attended a meeting in Hoquiam about the proposed hospital district I have a lot more questions than answers.

First, there needs to be financial accountability by the administration. I did not hear anything to that effect. They want to keep all the services in place.

The problem lies in the fact that 70 percent of the clients are Medicaid, another 20 percent Medicare and 10 percent with private insurance.

How can we continue to support all the services at the hospital when you have these statistics, which are extremely unlikely to change soon or in the foreseeable future?

The environmentalists do not want coal, oil or any other family wage jobs. How can you attract young people or families with limited family wage jobs?

Yearly assessments will increase revenue to the hospital district and will be out of the voter’s control. Their example of $5 per month may seem minimal; however, at the end it could be $50-$100 monthly added to your tax assessment.

We already pay $21.85 a month in Aberdeen for EMS.

The hospital needs to cut expenses to live within its budget. We will have hospital service. Once the hospital district is in place it is very difficult to change back to the current private hospital structure.

Allan Shores



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