Port jobs

The Puget Sound and Pacific Railroad (PSAP) would like to commend the Port Commissioners and staff at the Port of Grays Harbor for their foresight and hard work to promote continued growth of the Port. Through these efforts, our community enjoys the benefits of a diverse base of industries handling automobiles, grains, liquid bulks, logs and wood chips for export. This represents a tremendous base of economic activity for Grays Harbor County and PSAP.

As this varied list of cargo volumes grow and continue to diversify, opportunities for increased employment within Grays Harbor County continue to multiply. PSAP safely and proudly serves 17 companies in the Port area that employ more than 600 full-time, family-wage jobs. These companies have become a cornerstone of our local economy.

Last year the Port completed a major expansion of the rail system within the marine terminal complex, supporting the investment of more than $80 million by private companies in storage and shipping facilities. Also supporting this growth and economic development, PSAP invest over $14 million in capital improvements and maintenance in the rail line during the period of 2008-2012. Infrastructure investments by PSAP directly support local companies such as Rognlin’s, Vessey and Sons, and Quigg Bros. bringing jobs to Western Washington.

This level of investments would not be possible if it were not for the partnership and hard work the Commissioners have fostered within the communities while cultivating the support of business and labor. The Port is truly positioned for growth in the future.

We thank the Commissioners, the Port staff, our valued customers and the communities in which we operate for their support and continued partnership for a safe sustainable economic outlook.

Larry Soresen

General Manager

Puget Sound & Pacific Railroad


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