Proud to have served with you

I am writing this as a retired Aberdeen Police Sergeant. I only just heard about the retirement of Robert Kegel, a friend and comrade who retired from police service to the City of Aberdeen with 37 years of service.

I served from 1979 to 2000 as an Aberdeen Police Officer and for the last decade I was a Patrol Sergeant, a Detective Sergeant, and the supervisor of the Fatal Accident Team. As a supervisor I could not have succeeded without the utterly dependable and consistently excellent investigative service I received from Robert Kegel.

Robert, as an officer and a gentleman, I salute you. I thank you for every time I went to one terrible, tragic scene or another and I breathed an internal sigh of relief when I knew you were taking care of the crime scene photography.

Since I had the task of assimilating the investigative work and transforming it into completed police reports, I can’t even begin to tell you how valuable your service has been, knowing that when I went to the photographs section in a complex investigation, I knew you had taken every shot possible no matter how difficult. I didn’t have to ask if it was done right; I knew it was.

And then there are the countless calls for police service you answered as the consummate professional, always available, always dedicated to solving the crisis and preserving the peace, calm, responsible and dependable no matter the situation.

We did what we had to do; we took care of the city for our tours of duty, and we stood by each other. I am proud that I served alongside of officers such as you.

God bless you and yours, my friend and fellow officer.

James E. Clarkson

Aberdeen Police Sergeant, Retired



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