Recreational weed and medicinal weed are apples and oranges

This is astounding! Let’s take a closer look at what is now called “recreational” marijuana. It is more than interesting and infuriating, raising questions of an ethical and hypocritical nature. Not so long ago the “powers that be” were spreading the word to all, across the land, including our youth … that marijuana was a “gateway drug.” Meaning — you beware! If you try this, you will naturally graduate to the harder drugs: heroin, cocaine, speed, meth. etc. Also, if you smoke marijuana, it just might deform your future children. Make you go crazy. Apparently all that information on the harmful effects of marijuana has gone away and all is good to “recreate,” now. Because our state passed I-502.

Seriously. So, what happened? Did our state government get dollar signs in its eyes and revenue lust in its heart, completely disregarding the busted users, confiscated vehicles and monies from those who sold the now, apparently completely safe and readily available to the public — “recreational” marijuana? Previously, the only ethical and viable venture with this product, in this state, was medical marijuana. It appeared to be working just fine. Respectable. Medical. Controlled. Not available for the youth as it will be now with this huge commercial and greedy venture. Soon to be on store shelves near you. If we think our youth have drug problems now —just wait.

Medical marijuana was safe and in place for many years. Thirteen, I think, doing fine. In this case, shouldn’t the State of Washington be called on to defend their greed and hypocrisy and the dismantling of a legal business already established here — medical marijuana? If the voting citizens of Washington had taken time to read between the lines on I-502, it never would have passed even though the campaign was obviously financed well. The full extent and ramifications of legalization were misunderstood. Now, likening it to alcohol, the state is expecting even more revenue from attempting to measure the level in a driver’s blood and ticketing. Was that mentioned in I-502? Revenue, at all costs — especially obvious in this case. It is blatant. It is shameful.

Now this state attempts to dismantle a vastly more sensible system of handling the marijuana issue. Making it difficult for medical marijuana to conduct their business in an ethical and profitable manner, serving a wide variety of medical conditions in adults, as well as children. I’m sad for what our society is becoming. This “recreational” plan promises to make millionaires out of those who can follow newly created extensive state rules and invest thousands, or millions in their “recreational” marijuana industry. That is wrong.

Simply decriminalizing “recreational” marijuana and continuing medical marijuana was the best direction to go but then the state would not have been able to refill their coffers after the loss of their “recreational” alcohol monopoly! Ha. Absolutely crazy — from medical to “recreational!” Who says? There has been no expert testimony to my knowledge.

Carol Seaman



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