Robin Williams, a gift who gave

Recently the nation and the world lost a comic genius — Robin Williams. It seems as word traveled around the globe we all seemed to walk a smaller pace. By that, I mean the news media was not focusing on Gaza, Iran, Iraq or the breakout of ebola. It appeared the television media was covering the life and accomplishments of Robin Williams.

By the end of the day, I had only one word that described this man — he “gave.”

What he gave was a very funny TV series, “Mork and Mindy.” What he gave was his own time to entertain troops in our battle fields — over 100,000. What he gave was talent to his “Comic Relief Fund” for the homeless. He gave time and support to children hospitals, the cancer fund — U.S. and Canada.What he gave to the big screen were such fine and memorable performances in “Mrs. Doubtfire,” “Patch Adams,” “Good Morning Vietnam,” and his Oscar winning “Good Will Hunting.”

And finally what he gave was his talent, energy, enormous enthusiasm and entertaining personality and he gave that to us, his audience.

Thank you, Robin.

Larry Elliott



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